Nestled in the lush landscapes of Palghar and just a stone’s throw away from Mumbai, Kenwoods Farmstay offers a serene and luxurious getaway perfect for group outings. 

Whether it’s a family reunion, a corporate retreat, or a fun weekend with friends, Kenwoods provides an idyllic setting with comprehensive facilities to cater to all needs.


Villa Kenwoods: This expansive villa features over five bedrooms and is ideal for large groups, offering ample space and privacy. The villa’s rustic charm combined with modern amenities ensures a comfortable stay amidst nature.

Villa Elfreda: Perfect for smaller groups or couples, the Elfreda farmhouse offers a cozy, intimate setting with one beautifully appointed bedroom. It’s an ideal spot for those seeking peace and solitude.

Villa SidDe: With two bedrooms, the SidDes strikes a balance between the spaciousness of Kenwoods and the intimacy of Elfreda, suitable for families or small groups looking for a luxurious stay.


swimming pool near mumbai

swimming pool near mumbai

The farmhouse is equipped with a variety of amenities designed to enhance your stay:

  • Swimming Pool: A large, inviting pool perfect for relaxation and group activities.
  • Jacuzzi: Unwind in the soothing Jacuzzi after a day of activities.
  • Games Room: Equipped with a variety of games, it’s a great place to bond and have fun.
  • Wi-Fi & Parking: Essential amenities like high-speed internet and ample parking space are provided.

Dining Experience

Dining at Kenwood is a treat with Chef Surjit at the helm, preparing delicious meals using local ingredients. Guests can enjoy a diverse menu that satisfies both vegetarian and non-vegetarian preferences. 

The menu includes Vegetarian/ Non-Vegetarian, Jain meals, your cuisine could be Indian, Continental soups, pasta or pizzas, or even Chinese and even barbeque.


Kenwoods Farmstay is more than just a place to stay. It’s an experience that combines luxury, comfort, and adventure, making it the perfect choice for your next group outing. 

With its diverse accommodations, top-notch amenities, and a plethora of activities, Kenwoods promises a memorable getaway that your group will cherish.


Q. What types of rooms are available at Kenwoods Farmstay?

  1. Kenwoods offers three types of accommodations: the Villa Kenwoods, VillaElfreda, and Villa SidDes.

Q. Are there dining options available for vegetarians?

  1. Yes, Chef Surjit prepares a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, with special diet preferences accommodated upon request.

Q. What amenities are included in the stay?

  1. Amenities include a Villa Kenwoods swimming pool, Villa SidDez Jacuzzi, games room, Wi-Fi, and ample parking.