Nestled just a short drive from the bustling city of Mumbai, Kenwoods Farmstay stands out as a premier destination for pet owners seeking a getaway where their furry friends are not only welcomed but cherished. This guide explores why Kenwoods Farmstay is the top pet-friendly accommodation near Mumbai.

Why Choose Kenwoods Farmstay?

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Location and Accessibility

Located conveniently close to Mumbai, Kenwoods Farmstay offers an easy escape to nature without the long travel times, making it ideal for a quick weekend getaway with your pet.

Unique Pet-Friendly Features

Kenwoods Farmstay is dedicated to providing a pet-friendly environment with amenities like secure fencing, pet-friendly rooms, and plenty of space to roam, ensuring your pet feels as comfortable as you do during your stay.

Accommodations for Pet Owners

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Comfort and Safety for Pets

The accommodations at Kenwoods are designed with pets in mind, featuring easy-to-clean surfaces, and secure outdoor spaces that allow pets to explore without worry.

Space for Pets to Explore

Kenwoods Farmstay boasts gardens and open spaces, perfect for pets to play and exercise. These areas provide a safe environment for pets to enjoy the outdoors.

Activities with Pets at Kenwoods

Walking Trails

Explore the walking trails that wind through the property, offering you and your pet a chance to exercise and enjoy the area’s natural beauty together.

Guest Experiences

Testimonials from previous guests consistently praise the pet-friendly atmosphere at Kenwoods, noting the staff’s attentive care and the abundance of enjoyable activities for both pets and their owners.


Kenwoods Farmstay provides an unparalleled experience for pet owners looking for pet-friendly accommodation near Mumbai. With its comprehensive pet-friendly policies, variety of activities, and beautiful natural surroundings, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a stress-free vacation with your beloved pet.