Are you and your furry friend looking for the perfect getaway near Mumbai? Look no further than Kenwoods Farmstay, a haven for pets and their owners. 

Nestled in the lush landscapes of Palghar, just a short drive from Mumbai, this farm stay offers a unique blend of comfort, luxury, and pet-friendly amenities that make it the ideal destination for a relaxing retreat.

Why Choose Kenwoods Farmstay?

Pet friendly Villa

Proximity to Mumbai

Conveniently located just two hours from Mumbai, Kenwoods Farmstay offers easy access to those seeking a quick escape from the city’s hustle. This proximity makes it an excellent choice for a weekend getaway or even a day trip with your pet.

Pet-Friendly Amenities

Pet Friendly Amenities

Kenwoods Farmstay goes the extra mile to ensure your pets feel as welcome as you do. From spacious outdoor areas for your pets to roam freely to special accommodations that cater to their needs, every aspect of the farm stay is designed with your pet’s comfort in mind.

Accommodations at Kenwoods

Group Outing

Kenwoods Villa

The Kenwood Villa is perfect for larger groups or families traveling with pets. This villa boasts ample space, both indoors and outdoors, allowing pets to explore and play in a safe environment. The villa’s layout ensures that pets have easy access to outdoor areas without compromising their safety or comfort.

SidDes and Elfreda

Other than the Kenwoods Villa, the SidDes and Elfreda Villas offer cozy and intimate settings for couples or smaller families with pets. These accommodations provide a tranquil atmosphere where pets can relax alongside their owners.

Activities for Pets and Owners

On-site Activities

comfort for pets

Kenwoods Farmstay is not just about relaxation; it’s about shared experiences. Pets and their owners can enjoy a variety of activities, including guided walks through the farm, playtime in designated pet areas, and many more things to do that allow pets to interact with others in a controlled and friendly environment.

Ensuring Pet Safety and Comfort

At Kenwood, the safety and comfort of your pet are paramount. The staff is trained to handle pets with care, and the farm stay provides guidelines on how to keep pets secure and happy throughout the stay.


Choosing Kenwoods Farmstay for your next getaway means selecting a place where both you and your pet can relax, explore, and create unforgettable memories. 

With its proximity to Mumbai, excellent amenities, and commitment to pet comfort, Kenwoods Farmstay stands out as the top choice for a pet-friendly retreat near the city.


  1. Are all areas of Kenwoods Farmstay accessible to pets?

   – Most outdoor areas are pet-friendly.

  1. Can I bring more than one pet to Kenwoods Farmstay?

   – Yes, but please inform the farm stay in advance to make necessary arrangements. Charges  for pets are 800 per pet

  1. What should I bring for my pet’s stay at Kenwoods?

   – Bring your pet’s favorite toys, bedding, and any special dietary food or medications.