Escape the city’s hustle and bustle and plan your next corporate offsite at Kenwoods Farmstay, nestled just a short drive from Mumbai and 3 hours from Surat. This tranquil setting offers the perfect backdrop for both relaxation and productivity.

Why Choose Kenwoods?

Group Outing


Located conveniently 3 hours from Surat, Kenwood offers easy accessibility, making it an ideal spot for companies based in or near the city.

Versatile Event Space

Whether you need a formal conference or a casual outdoor setting, Kenwoods Farmstay has an amazing space and accommodation option that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Corporate Amenities


Meeting Facilities

Kenwood is equipped with meeting facilities, including high-speed internet, and flexible seating arrangements.

Recreational Activities

Enhance team cohesion with a range of on-site activities like trekking, bird watching, and team sports, ideal for team-building exercises.

Planning Your Offsite

Booking your corporate Offsite at Kenwoods is straightforward:

  1. Determine the number of attendees and required dates.
  2. Select the appropriate accommodations and event space.
  3. Coordinate with Kenwoods staff to customize your activities and meetings on given contact options.
  4. Confirm the booking and prepare for a productive and refreshing Offsite.

How to contact Kenwoods Farmstay for booking?

You can book your stay in multiple ways as given below:

  1. Instagram
  2. Contact Number: 98679 35880
  3. Whatsapp – 98679 35880
  4. Contact Page


Kenwoods Farmstay combines accessibility, versatility, and a relaxing environment, making it the perfect venue for a corporate Offsite. 

With excellent facilities and a supportive team, your organization can achieve its objectives in a serene and inspiring setting.


1. What types of corporate events can be hosted at Kenwoods Farmstay?

  1. You can host a variety of events, including workshops, seminars, and team-building Offsites.

2. How far is Kenwoods Farmstay from Mumbai?

  1. It is approximately a two-hour drive from Mumbai and 3 hours from Surat, making it a convenient location for a quick Offsite.